Q Do you provide bait?

A Yes, we can arrange for bait to be on the boat prior to departure. Please enquire when booking.

Q What fishing tackle will I need?

A It all depends on the type of fishing we do on the day, we will advise you as best we can.

Q What clothing shall I wear?

A You need to be prepared for any kind of weather. If you are to warm you can take it off, but you can’t put it on, if you haven’t got it.


Q Are refreshments served?
A The most important question, complimentary hot drinks will be supplied throughout the day.


Q What do we do with our catch?
A The fish are yours to keep, although we do like anglers to return any fish they do not particularly want.


Q Can I have a photograph taken?
A Yes, of course.  If you have left your email address with us the photograph will be sent to you. If the fish is of particular interest it will be added to our website. 

If your photo is on our website and you would like your name to be added, please get in touch.


Q Is there parking space?
A Yes, but there is a minimal council charge.


Q Can we have a drink on board?
A Yes, we don’t mind you having a few drinks, but your safety is our priority.


Q How do I book?
A Telephone 01554-759034 to check on available dates.



Please do not bring a Tackle box the size of your mother’s fridge; it only takes up valuable space on deck.